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Aug 31st
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Home News News Bill O'Reilly Uses Falafel in the Shower

Bill O'Reilly Uses Falafel in the Shower

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Doing in Limb What They Say Not in Words

By Jalal Abualrub (

Why  is it that when some conservative leaders become old and desperate, they attack Islam?  It seems that when they have nothing constructive to offer their audience, since, after all, they are conservatives, they turn to attacking Islam.  What complicates their situation is that what they usually say about Islam and Muslims, is so hilarious.  So far, I have not heard a single intelligent statement criticizing Islam or Muslims coming from such leaders.  This indicates that they know nothing about what they are talking about regarding Islam.  In fact, most of them, including famous evangelical priests, know very little about their own Christianity, let alone about Islam.


Conservatives Confuse the World

Conservatives confuse the world.  The world is now discovering that what conservatives say and what they do, are two completely different things.  For instance, the world hears conservative leaders frequently and harshly attack homosexuality and homosexuals, who should be criticized because what they do is unnatural, and affirm traditional family values, which should be affirmed because marriage between men and women is the legitimate foundation of humanity.  This is what conservatives say.

Here is what they do.  The world frequently discovers that some of the most outspoken, leading conservative opponents of homosexuality, are themselves homosexual; (Jim Kolbe; Mark Foley or have owned establishments that housed gay bars (GOP NY governor-hopeful, Carl Paladino

Remember that conservative senator with the bathroom 'angle' (Larry Craig,2933,300820,00.html)?  Or, that famous minister who used to condemn homosexuality, while practicing it himself in secret (Ted Haggard  And how exactly was he 'rebuked' by the elders of his church (

Conservatives Are Confused

Why is it that so many utterly immoral people lead the conservative movement, which is supposed to be God-fearing and traditionalist?  Their immorality takes various forms and includes social, economic and religious aspects.  We did not even mention conservative political sins here, because politics has largely become a sin itself no matter who's involved in it.

Such immoral leaders should naturally belong to the democratic party since, we were told, it is the party of godless immorality.  Yet, immorality is becoming more synonymous with conservative rather than with democratic leaders.  Here are a few examples, along with the ones mentioned above.

There is that famous senator, Newt Gingrich, who abandoned his wife on her sickbed when she was recovering from cancer surgery (  The Newt also attacks Islam (  He does this, instead of truly repenting from his adulterous affairs he committed while one of his wives lay extremely sick in hospital.

One shouldn't forget Jerry Fallwell, leader of, The Moral Majority, or as many would put it, The Immoral Minority, or Jim Bakker, or Jimmy Swaggart.  This trio, Falwell, Bakker, and Swaggart, had an interesting story together a few years ago.  Swaggart and Bakker were caught committing major sin (, using the millions of dollars donated to them by elderly Christians.  Jerry Falwell wanted to steal the multi-million dollar ministry of Jim Bakker, who was sent to jail for fraud and other interesting things.  Just read their story and remember that all three of these immoral men, who so often invoked God's name in word but broke His Law in limb, attacked Islam (Bakker, the least among the three to directly attack Islam; Swaggart & Falwell  Read where Jerry 'thinks' that Muhammad was a terrorist.  I am surprised that Jerry used the word 'think' when he was talking about himself.  I did not even mention Pat Robertson, because to so many Christians, he's just a lunatic.

Falwell was also funny, in addition to the controversies that followed him to the grave.  He was mocked and vilified for blaming the 911 terrorist attacks on pagans, abortionists, feminists, gays, lesbians, the American Civil Liberties Union and People For The American Way (  O`Reilly should learn from Falwell on this, because Falwell seems to blame everybody for 911, except Muslims.

One can never ignore Bill Graham and his son, Franklin, who keep calling Islam 'evil.'  The father was a Jew-hater until he was caught, and only when he was caught did he apologize (  Somehow, Graham later became a Jew-lover, after having complained to Nixon about the synagogue of Satan, i.e., the Jews.  The son is simply the sin of the father, continuing his father's legacy of bigotry by calling Islam an evil religion (  I think he and his father were reading their own holy book when they said that about Islam, especially this peace-full section where it says, "…slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass" (I Samuel Chapter 15).

One should always remember the pope of conservative talk, Rush Limbaugh, who capitalized on the racial anger and biases of mainly elderly white men and women.  Rush instructed conservatives for decades on conservative values and on morality.  It seems that the only value he was concerned about, was the value of the drugs he was using (  For some reason, this man also attacks Islam (, even though he and 'knowledge' seem to be sworn enemies.  I truly doubt he reads his own holy book, let alone knowing anything about Islam.

As for the latest joke to come from conservatives about Islam, don't even pass it by without making a comment; a laugh will do.  One of the leaders of the Tea Party, Mark Williams, says that Allah is the monkey god (  He later apologized, to the Hindus (!), for associating their 'good' deity with Islam.  If, to Williams, a monkey is a 'good deity,' then a cow must be a 'gooder' deity, since a cow is bigger than a monkey, and no one has, at least so far, envisioned milking monkeys as they do cows.  Surely, the Hindus may have returned the Williams favor, by killing more Muslims in India as they do every year, may be as sacrifice to the monkey god.  Mark Williams is another example of conservatives practicing immorality yet preaching against it.  The problem may have come from the kind of tea the Tea Party is using.  I suggest they switch brands.

What is worse, is that Sarah Palin, the conservative 'intellectual,' or in fact the exact opposite of the word 'intellectual,' agrees with Franklin Graham that Islam is an evil religion (  This is a conservative leader who was utterly exposed as having no brain, just images of Russian planes whenever she looks up in the sky.  She was the center of harsh jokes after her TV interviews that exposed her complete lack of knowledge about everything and anything beyond beer and shooting animals.  She is also a typical conservative hypocrite, talking about family values, but acting like this (

Here Comes O`Reilly!

Now here comes Bill O`Reilly, of all people, attacking Muslims.  The problem regarding this man has more to do with his audience than with his personality.  His personality should be a problem to all of humanity to begin with, because it is so outrageous and immoral.  But, one should consider as the bigger problem the audience that watches such a weird personality and takes knowledge from him?  Things can't have sunk this low in America, can they?

I have discovered long ago that this man, O`Reilly, is deeply, overwhelmingly, completely and totally in love with himself.  He is in love with his own voice, his own eyebrows, his own looks, and with the deeply unintelligent stuff that comes out of his mouth.  O`Reilly is so much in love with himself, it's scary.  I hope that human cloning never succeeds.  It would be a terrible disaster for humankind to have two consecutive or concurrent O`Reillys.  Just the thought should make one feel sick to the stomach.

O`Reilly invites 'experts' to talk on his talk-show, only to interrupt them so frequently to push his point of view down the throats of the experts.  He thinks he is more of an expert on anything and everything than any expert is on anything or anyone.  But, it’s not only that.  Yes, O'Reilly is in love with himself, so he likes to talk a lot on his talk-show and he may watch reruns of his own show at home all the time.  But truly, his point of view is also usually so clouded by ignorance and arrogance, so much so, it is terrible to think that millions of people take their views about the world from such a talk-show and such a host.  Watching O`Reilly speak on his show brings up the suggestion that, if he is not already on drugs, he should go on drugs so that he may start to make sense.

The strange thing is that Bill's audience disregards his shady past and questionable present, such as being a total bigot, and keep watching his show, thus continuing to provide him with rich means of living, including the ability to buy falafel (  They ignore the fact that bill claimed to have received awards he never received (  They ignore the fact that they gain moral wisdom from a man who lacks both, morality and wisdom.  They ignore the fact that his views are usually so uneducated and untrue.  They ignore the bigotry he propagates against peoples, cultures and religions.  It is just plain strange they would watch his program.

Even O`Reilly Attacks Islam!

The latest Islam-bashing from O'Reilly is pathetic, but not strange.  This is how bigots work.  Ignore all the mistreatment Muslims all over the world received from the American government and for decades, both before and after 911, but fixate your site on 911.  If anyone reminds a bigot of how Muslims, including American Muslims, are suffering because of American policies, the bigot will then carry that famous little Chinese-made American flag, which he transported in a Japanese-made car, wearing clothes made in Mexican or Thai factories, and then cry, "This is unpatriotic! How dare you say that 911 is America's fault?"  Well, Falwell said it was, and he established modern-day conservatism before O`Reilly discovered that people use falafel to clean themselves in the shower!

This Is How It Works for Bigots

Remember: Muslims attacked the US on 911.

Forget: America is the world's biggest supporter of Jews, who stole a Muslim land that never belonged to them and caused unprecedented death, humiliation and destruction to an entire population since 1948.

Remember: Muslims attacked the US on 911.

Forget: Christian US attacked and still occupies Muslim Iraq that had absolutely nothing to do with 911, an occupation that lead to the death of a million Iraqis and the destruction of an entire country.  This occupation also came at a tremendous price for the American people and for their economy, essentially ruining it, and delivered Iraq, free of charge, to Iran.  Now more terrible news are coming out about the torture, death squads, illegal prisons, kidnapping and extraordinary rendition, i.e., state terrorism, that America led, or looked the other way at, in Iraq.  It seems that to avenge the death of less than 3000 Americans on 911, hundreds of them Muslim, a million Iraqis had to die, even though they had nothing to do with 911.

Remember: Muslims attacked the US on 911.

Forget: the Systematic discrimination against Muslim Americans and the terrible slander of their Islam, both before and after 911, by their own government and by their community leaders.  Also, forget the daily demeaning of Islam in American media and by American politicians, religious leaders, talk-show hosts, and a bigot called O'Reilly.

Immoral Characters As Instructors on Religion

Conservatorous Hypocratious!

But to O`Reilly, an immoral character with an overwhelming love for himself, attacking Islam has become a frequent symptom of a dangerous disease: Conservatorous Hypocratious!  O`Reilly feels pain, cramps, aloneness, old age, and is desperate for attention and emotional fulfillment.  The quickest way to draw attention to oneself these days is to attack Islam, so Bill attacks Islam.

How can such an immoral character even open his mouth against Muslims and Islam, knowing himself and the terrible things America did to Muslims all over the world?  Should he not, at least, mention both sides of the story, so that Americans may one day understand why some extremists use these abuses as an excuse to attack America?  Should he not mention the fact that hundreds of Muslims died in those attacks and that no good Muslim would feel jubilation at this loss?

One cannot ignore what Bill O`Reilly says or who Bill O`Reilly is, a man who seems to have an exclusive contract with bigotry.  He once suggested that the Quran should be banned, equating it with Hitler's "Mein Kampf" (  He forgets that the Quran is the Muslim holy book, while Hitler was, just like O`Reilly is (, a Christian, who said, "I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so!"(

Hitler also often quoted the Bible in his speeches, “In this hour I would ask of the Lord God … that, as in the past, so in the years to come He would give His blessing to our work and our action, to our judgment and our resolution, that He will safeguard us from all false pride and from all cowardly servility” (Baynes, N. H. (Ed.) (1942). The Speeches of Adolf Hitler, April 1922–August 1939 (Vol. 1, Page 19-20), Pg., 410)

Should such a man with such a low intellect be speaking on TV and having an audience whom he instructs on politics, social aspects, education, chemistry and religion?  How can O`Reilly's audience continue to listen to and be inspired by such a character of low morality and extreme bigotry?  This is terrible.  America is not in good shape, and mainly because of the conservatives and all the misery they brought to Americans, first, and to the rest of the world at large.  Of course, the democrats are not better, they are just different in the way they practice bigotry and immorality.  One party attacks Muslims, the other does not defend them.

It's Time for America to Wake Up

I call on Americans to wake up to this plot which seeks to set it at war with Islam, a plot led by both parties, but more so by conservatives and republicans.  America cannot win a war against the religion of one-fifth of humanity.  America couldn't win a war against a gang, literally, hiding in caves and mud-houses, how can it win a war against the largest religion on earth?

America should not be at war with Islam or with Muslims.  A war against Islam is not righteous, and it will only bring misery to America and all its allies, including the millions of Muslims living among them.  Turn to friendship towards Islam and Muslims and stop this nonsense, before it's too late.  America may be at war with a fanatical extremist gang, but should never allow this war to include Islam or Muslims.

Conservative Practices and Ideas Are Not Good for America

We live in troubled times.  Things are not getting better for the most part, but are getting worse.  Conservatives have had a large role in the worldwide deterioration of the state of affairs of humankind.  They cover their materialistic view of the world by invoking fake religious texts, sermons and slogans.  They cover their lust for other people's wealth by calling for democracy seeking to force it on peoples who don't want it, so they can steal their wealth and oil.  They fill the world with armies and navies, invade countries at well, bring untold misery, death and destruction to many Muslim nations, yet call Islam and Muslims violent.  However, even though they try to cover their ills, lusts and shortcoming by using various excuses and slogans, when it comes to Islam, they do not cover their religious fanaticism, bigotry or hatred towards a religion they can barely understand and a people they never really knew.

As for O'Reilly, his main problem may be that he can't find anyone to use falafel in his shower (  He's getting older and stupider, his audience getting less informed the more they watch and listen to him.  What else for him to do, other than appearing on a program with six women to talk over them and present to them his newest bigoted line?

There may be a glimpse of hope for America, as a white women and a black woman left the program when he was speaking against Muslims (  Of course, there are many more Americans who are nothing like Bill O`Reilly, especially with regards to Islam, who reject O`Reilly and his sick bigotry.  But, they need to come forward and speak up louder for the sake of America's future and for their own sake with the Creator of all that exists.

Jalal Abualrub (


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